Need a Bottle??

►Glass bottles with protective silicone sleeve

  • Perfect to carry, store and serve your favorite beverages
  • BPA and phthalates free, FDA compliant

​►All our plastic bottles are:

  • Reusable. Helps the environment by cutting down plastic waste
  • easy to carry around
  • Made of Tritan material
  • Manufactured in the United States
  • BPA-FREE sports bottles




Bottles from 16 oz to

5 gallons bottles all of them BPA FREE



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When it’s Cold, Don’t Forget to Drink!
Did you know the colder it gets, the harder your body has to work to maintain its 98.6 temperature? This extra energy requires you drink even more water than usual. So, if you’re skiing, skating or even just walking in cold weather, drink a lot of alkaline water and make sure your children and pets do too!

Drinking 64 ounces of water a day (Eight, 8-ounce glasses or 2-quarts) will actually help you stay warm.

Also keep in mind that colds, the flu and medication will dehydrate you, as does the heat in homes and other buildings – all the more reason to drink plenty of water during the winter.