Are you tired of the hard water marks left after washing the car?

These Hard water stains can be a hassle to make disappear, and cause you to work twice as hard when you're washing cars! 

At AquaMax we love to make your life easier!

We offer SPOT FREE WATER so that the water can do exactly what it should do, wash the car, not make it worse!


If you're tired of hard water, Give us a call so we can help you!

A good quality wash ends with a spot-free car.      
RO/Spot free Water for No more water stains
Another good use for the RO/spot-free water is:
· Windows
· Chrome, and
· Any shiny surface
Also mixing chemicals with reverse osmosis water will increase the chemical performance of all detergents and cleaners.
Call to set up an appointment to fill your:
Tote (240 gal)
1/2 Tote (120 gal) or 
55 gallon drum



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