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Here at our store, we offer four different types of water: purified (reverse osmosis), di, alkaline, and hydrogen water. Along with a large selection of water bottles, ranging from BPA free plastic, hand-crafted glass, and hydro-locking stainless steel bottles.  

~ P u r i f i e d  W a t e r ~

Our purified water is city tap water that is run through two different types of filters sediment and carbon, then a softener, followed by a reverse osmosis membrane. The sediment filter removes any sediment (dirt, sand, or debris) found in the water along with any cloudiness (turbidity) that is caused by suspended particles. The carbon filter removes any chlorine (along with other volatile organic chemicals) in the water, which helps with the taste and odor of the water. Next, the softener removes any heavy minerals in the water to be taken out which not only allows the water to be softer but also ensures that our pipes don't have any build-up. Lastly, the reverse osmosis membrane filters out 99.5% of any remaining contaminants left in the water, such as salt (if there is any in the water). 

~ D I  W a t e r ~

Our di water goes through the same process as the purified water with the addition of a di filter. Remember that 99.5% discussed with the purified water, well the di filter removes that last 0.5% of remaining contaminants in the water, resulting in water with nothing else other than water. Our di water is very similar to distilled water, the only difference is the process in which the water goes through. 

~ A l k a l i n e  W a t e r ~

Our alkaline water goes through the same process as our purified water but with the added alkaline filter. The alkaline filter infuses the water with select minerals to raise the PH of the water and add antioxidants. 

~ H y d r o g e n  W a t e r ~

Our hydrogen water is made of our alkaline water with the added step of going through our hydrogen machine. The hydrogen machine raises the oxidation-reduction potential (ORP), adds hydrogen molecules, along with reducing the water cluster size. By reducing the water cluster size, the water is able to travel throughout the body at a faster rate, which hydrates your body at a much faster rate.    


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523 W Nolana, McAllen TX

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Beauty tip
If your skin tends to get dry in winter, along with hand cream, lip balm and lotion, many doctors and skin specialists say the best way to fight cold weather flakiness is to hydrate is from the inside out. Drink pure, naturally alkaline every day.